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150th Coin
Cycle of Coal


Cycle of Coal Obverse
WV 150th Obverse

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Lost City of Atlantis Silver Rounds

* 1863

Cycle of Coal Reverse

Features Lady West Virginia spreading joy across the landscape of WV & a Black Bear, the State animal walking through a rhododendren bush,the State flower. The three crosses often seen as you travel the mountains of WV adorn the hillside.

Princeton Railroad Museum

Princeton Railroad Museum

Honoring Mother's Day: Anna Jarvis

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Our WV
2018 Silver Eagles


* 200

Father's Day
Mother's Day

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WV 150th Reverse
founder's message
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901 Mercer Street Princeton, WV


Features Anna Jarvis, West Virginia native and founder of Mother's Day & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

2018 Silver Eagles

Features thirty-five stars representing the 35th state, the pink slip representing instability associated with the coal industry & company store scrip, a method of payment to miners in early years

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* 500

Anna Jarvis Reverse

150th Anniversary Coin

Cycle of Coal: Pink Slip

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2020 Silver Eagles


Anna Jarvis Obverse
Stagecoach Antiques Mall

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West Virginia Heritage Coins

A message from our founder

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